Dr. Claus Fütterer

Claus started the first microfluidic lab at the Institut Curie in Paris in 2001 and pioneered as co-inventor and developer the pneumatic pressure flow control method (patent WO2004/103566 and respective publication on the principle).

With this technology he cofounded Fluigent S.A. in 2006 and then Biophysical Tools with a strongly improved approach for the Precision Pressure Controller System P2CS.

He also initiated the field biophysics of tissues studying the mechanical dynamics of regenerating tissues and patented new systems in this area. He is author of over 20 patents.

Katja Prasol

Katja worked in different industrial fields – technology development, life sciences, IT, legal as a project, senior or business development manager.

She successfully completed over 10 biotech projects – starting with planning, financing up to market launch, e.g. development of a POC platform (at Magna Diagnostics GmbH), feasibility studies (at Fraunhofer IZI), studies for a market launch of a novel technology (Cellcopedia GmbH) and more. She is passionate about developing businesses, launching novel technologies on the market and generating ideas for new projects.