Vereinfachen Sie die Abläufe mit dem Mikroperfusionssystem

Das Mikroperfusionssystem MPS-8 wurde für die die Perfusion von Zellen- und Gewebekulturen entwickelt, insbesondere fürs präzise und sanfte Umschalten von Flüssigkeiten zwischen acht Kanälen. Somit kann man das Perfusionssystem für die kontinuierliche Kultivierung und Beflutung von Zellen auf dem Chip oder in einer Kultivierungskammer einsetzen.

Das Perfusionssystem hat zwei Modi - manuell und automatisch - für die Zellen- und Gewebeperfusion und erlaubt unterschiedliche beliebige Mischverhältnisse zu realisieren, beispielsweise für Dosis-Wirkung-Analysen. Thus, the perfusion system allows to implement perfusion or still use the fed-batch approach as in an automated as manual mode.

With the micro perfusion system MPS-8 you can automatically transport the required medium to your culture or implement a complete buffer exchange without any cell or tissue perturbations. The perfusion system selects, mixes and tempers buffers, which flow into an attached cell-culture chamber or microfluidic chip. Further, you are not bound to a specific chip or chamber design and can attach the most suitable one.

Micro perfusion system consists of Flow Switch Controller FSC-8 and the Perfusion Head PH-8. The manifold (Perfusion Head) of the perfusion system can be autoclaved and thus used for several applications.

Perfusion system can be remotely controlled from other computers or instruments via TTL, RS232, TCP/IP and USB.


Anwendungen mit dem Mikroperfusionssystem MPS-8

High-content screening of cell and tissue cultures
Cross-interaction screening of medication and reagents
Perfusion for organ-on-a-chip applications.
Environmental research on lethal living conditions
Whenever it is important to apply or combine drugs and other substances carried by an interruption-free and stable throughflow, our system helps you to get better and more results. We carefully designed the system with the help of hydrodynamic simulations.

Vorteile des Mikroperfusionssystems MPS-8

Establish and control your cell and tissue cultures with automated mode of the perfusion system!
No peristaltic pumps necessary anymore. Reduced cell stress and higher viability of cell or tissue cultures.
Laminar flow in the perfusion head.
Interruption-free ultra-fast switching between all channels. Arbitrary mixing ratios allow to implement automated dose response measurements
Simple scale-up for high-throughput screening, compact stackable modules
Continuous supervision of the liquid flow due to transparent materials (gas inclusions, precipitations, contamination)
Integrierte schnelle Temperaturkontrolle
Simple sterilization (autoclaveable channel-layer)
Simple scripting language for rapid protocol development and adaptations
The perfused fluids can be recovered
Reduced nucleation of air bubbles, because the liquids are pressurized

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