Consulting in Microfluidics and Lab-on-a-Chip technology

Mind the traps!

Test your expertise: If you want to measure the flowrate of liquids in micro-channels containing biological cells, which commonly used method is excluded and why?

Setting-up analysis and diagnosis systems based on magnetic or non-magnetic microfluidics requires considerable theoretical and experimental preparation and profound knowledge in physics, chemistry,  biology, and mathematics. Wrong choices of channel designs, instruments, materials, flowrates etc. will spoil your experiment whithout giving you clear hints at the reason of failure. Based on our experience since 2001 in this field, we offer to share our knowledge with you for helping you to get faster a working design of your microfluidics ambition and avoid the frustration of your colleagues.

Please think about it: our support costs you only once – once your system works properly, you generate permanent scientific or commercial turnover.

We strongly recommend to contact us before you start the design when fundamental mistakes can still be avoided.
We even offer to visit your lab and to prepare your experiment together with you. For less difficult cases we propose consulting by video conference, skype, telephone.
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