Fast Switching and Mixing of Liquids with the Fluid Switch – FS!

The fluid switch is designed to switch between different liquids in several channels – starting with 8 via 16, 32 up to 64 channels. In this way you can realise fast switching between fluids or, for instance, mixing at different ratios.

The fluid switch can be controlled via the control software of P2CS – jP2CS or via P2CS over the serial communication. A standalone version is the Micro-perfusion system MPS-X.

Material of the valves in FS: PMMA and PEEK and EPDM or FFPM.

You can select different connectors, since the fluid switch has threads†M5 (compatible to UNF 32-10).

Setup of the Fluid Switch FS with P2CS

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Advantages of the Fluid Switch

easy automated mixing of media or reagents

stable pulsation-free flow in the perfusion head

fast and interruption-free switching

transparent perfusion head for a better observation of the experiments

different channel geometries of the perfusion head available: mixing, multiplexing

Fields of the Applications of the Fluid Switch

perfusion of cell or tissue culture

dose-response analysis

mixing media or other liquids with specific ratios

Use of Different Fluids


Biological Fluids

Slightly salty solutions