P2CS / Spritzenpumpenvergleich - Rechner

Compare the different stabilization times of syringe pumps and our Precision Pressure Control System P2CS for a set value pressure step of 50mbar with pure water at 25 °C. The calculated time estimates the time to reach 90% of the final flow rate. Hysteresis and mechanical tolerances are not taken into account, but consider that these factors are degrading the response time even more.
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Characteristics of the Microchannel and Fluid

Height (smaller than width) or Radius:mm
Viscosity of H2O (25°C):mPa·s
Effective compressibility of H2O (25°C):1/bar

Characteristics of the Syringe Pump

Diameter Syringe (cyl. shape):mm
Length Syringe (cyl. shape):cm
Volume Syringe (cyl. shape):ml
Material of syringe (effective compressibility):
Characteristics of the Syringe Pump Tubing

Diameter tubing (cyl. Shape):mm
Length tubing (cyl. Shape):cm
Volume tubing (cyl. Shape):ml
Material of tubing (effective compressibility):

Rise time (approx) of the flow rate of pure water driven by a syringe pump:seconds
Rise time (approx) of the flow rate of pure water driven by a Precision Pressure Controller P2CS:seconds
Factor by which the P2CS is faster than the syringe pump

We are grateful to Dr. Philippe Marmottant from the Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire de Physique (“LIPhy”,formerly Spectrometrie Physique) CNRS/Université Grenoble 1 for his interesting article at wikibooks.org  on which our model is based.

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