Biophysical Tools GmbH is your competent partner in instrumentation and applications around Microfluidics, especially flow control of fluids (liquids and gases), Mesofluidics, perfusion of cell and tissue cultures, monitoring of experiments and tissue stretching.

Instruments for Microfludics

Pressure-driven flow control, pressure and vacuum source and other accessories

Precision Pressure Control System (P2CS)

Most precise fluid control on a chip or in a capillary.
Connectors, kits and other accessories

Perfusion of cell and tissue cultures

Micro Perfusion System Kit (MPS-8)

Micro Perfusion System Kit (MPS-8)

Automated or manual switching of liquids.
Stable flow rates.
Autoclaveable channel layer.

Tissue Stretching

µN-TS: unique measurement range for tissue characterization: µN, µm

µN-TS: characterization of tissues

Tissue contraction
Measurement of forces
Stimulation by electrical Pulses

Flexible monitoring of experiments

Microfluidic microscope set – Miniaturized and Modular Microscope (M3)

Miniaturized and Modular Microscope (M3)

Starter microscope set
Flexible orientation
Ocularless design

Our Focus

Implementation of microfluidic devices for stable and precise flow control based on pressure control – in biology, flow chemistry, medical research, biophysics and even more. Precise measurement at microscale,  integration of all devices in any laboratory environment and high usability are our goals.


Our Software

You can control our microfluidic devices via serial communication or our intuitive easy-to-use graphic user interface, which can be used with Linux, Windows and Mac.

Our Services

If you want to know how to calculate flow rate, volume flow or mass flow or which chip design is appropriate for your specific experiment, let us look together for optimal approach. We simulate flows, develop models and can implement your ideas as rapid prototyping.

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An upgrade of the perfusion kit MPS-X is available.

We had a talk at the ProcessNet MPH+CFD (expert group within DECHEMA e.V.) on the topic:

“Principles for Channel Design for Spatio-Temporal Mixing”

If you want to get the presentation, please contact us here.

You can find our virtual booth at microTAS2020 here.