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Biophysical Tools GmbH is your competent partner for Microfluidics – starting with the experiment planning up to its realisation. We are experts in ultra-precise and -fast flow control of fluids (liquids and gases) in Microfluidics and Mesofluidics, which is the focus of our both leading product groups, and in automation and miniaturisation of experiment protocols where fluidics plays a role.

Our goal is to provide highly precise standards for quantitive measurements in Biophysics, Biochemistry, Biology and Medicine. In addition, you benefit from our optional Open Source solution for the system control, for you can develop and adapt it on your own. We integrate our products into your IT environment and develop automatic protocols for the realisation of your specific experiments.

You will get microfluidic devices for stable and precise flow control based on pressure control – in biology, flow chemistry, medical research, biophysics and even more. Precise measurement at microscale,  integration of all devices in any laboratory environment and high usability are our goals.

If you want to know how to calculate flow rate, volume flow or mass flow or which chip design is appropriate for your specific experiment, let us look together for optimal approach. We simulate flowsdevelop models and can implement your ideas as rapid prototyping.

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Products & Services
  • New pressure and vacuum source version (PVS) developed. It reaches vacuum of approx. -900 mbar, is still silent and can be connected to supply the pressure controller P2CS.
  • Pressure control and flow control – both available from the same graphical user interface. We have integrated flow meter control into our software, so you can choose to control pressure or flow.
  • In theory, there is no limit to the amount of liquid to be displaced with pressure-driven flow control. However, the control of the P2CS pressure controller is normally fine-tuned for small volumes of liquid, which results in decaying oscillations following a change in setpoint. In order to extend stable control to different liquid volumes with one system, we have introduced a new parameter that allows overshoot-free control of flow from large reservoirs, e.g. 0.5 L – 1 L. This means that one system can control pL/min and a moment later – up to approx. 200 mL/min.

Fluid Switch FS for controlling perfusion heads

Fluid Switch FS

The new product Fluid Switch is designed as an option to P2CS for controlling up to 16 on / off valves in a perfusion head.