Fluid Switches and Manifolds for Microfluific Setups

Do you know the situation during an experiment when you need a specific manifold, but you do not find them in the lab? It is so annoying to lose time for searching or alternatives. That’s why we designed or selected several manifolds which can be used with silicone tubes without additional integration work.

For multiplexing the pressure channel you can also use fluid switches. We have different solutions for it. You can use separate devices with fluid switches or use our fluid switches, which can be controlled directly from the pressure controller P2CS.



While using the same liquid at the same flow rate in different channels, you can use manifolds.

Our standard manifold has 1 outlet and 8 inlets.

Material: POM.

Other manifolds are available at request. A more costffective solution is to use T-connectors, Y-connectors, cross interconnectors. They can be used for an easy droplet generation in the connected capillary, even without microfluidic chips.

While applying the same pressures for different fluids, you can use pressure dividers. They allow to use one channel of the pressure controller to control different liquids with the same conditions.

Fluid Switches

The fluid switch is designed to switch between diverse liquids in several channels.

In this way you can realise fast switching between fluids or, for instance, mixing at different ratios.

Material of the fluid switch: PMMA and PEEK and EPDM or FFPM. You can select suitable connectors, since the fluid switch has threads M5 (compatible to UNF 32-10).

The fluid switch has a very low dead volume.

Fluid Switches

PDMS Moulding Kit for FS and MPS-X

The Moulding Kit consists of a metal mould for manufacturing of manifolds for the Perfusion Head of PH-X for the Fluid Switch FS and the Perfusion System MPS-X. The geometry of the manifold can be selected within the ordering process.

Manufacturing of PDMS manifolds with the PDMS Moulding Kit