The Microfluidic Microscope Module M3 is designed for light microscopy for the observation of objects in microfluidic applications, e.g. microfluidic chips.
M3 can be configured or re-configured for countless applications.

Advantages of M3

✓ Flexible orientiation at any angle: upright, inverse, or sidewards.
✓ Possible use as a secondary microscope, e.g. on top of a confocal or Raman microscope for fine positioning or monitoring the samples.
✓ Ocularless design for keeping the module simple and compact: the image is sent to a camera, spectrometer, or other optical devices.
✓ Moveable elements (lenses, filters, mirrors).
✓ Integration of a high-speed camera (e.g. 500 fps or other frame rates per second, different resolutions, monochrome or multicolour model) according to your specifications.


Microscopic frame, mirrors, lens holders, lenses. Filter cube is available on request.

Universal C-mount thread, compatible with almost any camera model, Zeiss standard thread (RMS, 0.8W x 1/36″) for microscopy objectives. Other threads are optional.

Aluminium (anodised)

160 x 100 x 60 mm (L x B x H)

< 1 kg

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Microfluidic microscope visualizing the object of interest and the surrounding flow field simultaneously is possible.

Concurrent upright and inverse microscope recording from top and from bottom.

Cameras and spectrometers, PMTs, or APDs.

Optical tweezers, transfection setups.

Synchronous observation of two focal planes (e.g. cell membrane and nucleus).

Stereography, simple 3D imaging.