The secret of tissue stretching in µN range

Do you want to explore the forces of tissues? Do you want to apply external forces and to examine the forces generated by the tissue, e.g. heart, muscles or even blood vessels?

Our tissue stretcher µN-TS is designed for controlling stretching of tissue in µN range. You can use it in combination with our fluid flow control systems and integrate it into your microfluidic setups.

 Advantages of the Tissue Stretcher


✓ Unique measurement range: µN, µm

✓ All changes during the experiment can be observed: compact device, which easily fits on any microscope stage.

✓ Renewable wet chamber: After each experiment a fresh circular cover slips can be used; easy cleaning.

Advantages of the Tissue Stretcher


✓ Open (modular) system: Fluid change during the experiment is possible.

✓ Current can be induced by the touch of the button.

✓ µN-TS can be easily integrated into a microfluidic setup.

Product Video / Device Information