PVS – Mobile Pressure and Vacuum Source – Be Free to Move from One Lab to Another

Do you want to carry out your experiments in different rooms or don’t you have a pressure and vacuum supply in your laboratory? Just connect your pressure controller to a mobile pressure and vacuum source in the configuration matching to your controller.

We provide three different version of PVS: +/- 750 mbars, +/-1,000 mbars and up to 4,000 mbars.

Use one of two operating modes: only pressure or  pressure/vacuum.

Connection: UNF thread 10-32 or M5.


Advantages of PVS


Product Versions 

PVS-750 (-750 up to 750 mbar) – compatible with P2CS versions 100 up to 500
PVS-1500 (-750 up to 1,500 mbar) – compatible with the version P2CS 1000
PVS-4000 (-750 up to 4,000 mbar) – compatible with the version P2CS 2000